Wireless LAN Systems Ltd Acquires VDSL Systems - VDSL Systems Back in Business!

    Espoo, Finland
    February 17, 2004 - Wireless LAN Systems Ltd has acquired VDSL Systems

    VDSL Systems Ltd is an international leader and pioneer in IP-based VDSL/EFM access equipment. VDSL Systems is one of the first VDSL technology developers and first company with commercial products, and first company with flexible fully IP-based DSL.

    The company has previously raised 18 Meuro of venture capital for the development of its VDSL product line and operations. Due to tight financial situation a new way to continue was sought during second half of 2003, with resulting deal now completed. Wireless LAN Systems will continue the VDSL development and incorporate VDSL functionality to its own infrastructure products.

    "We see the timing is now right for VDSL technology, with market picking up and synergies with our own wireless IP networking," says Heikki Suonsivu, Chairman of Wireless LAN Systems Ltd, and one of the original founders of VDSL Systems. DSL technology is an integral part of the networking infrastructure, and VDSL Systems' technology complements and accelerates Wireless LAN Systems' product development.

    Wireless LAN Systems Ltd is a Finland based company developing All-IP communications infrastructure products. Its aim is to become the leading provider of the All-IP wired and wireless access infrastructure equipment and software.

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